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We provide reliable and honestly-priced quality direct carpentry services to households and businesses.

The direct carpentry services contractor in Singapore that supplies and installs custom furniture for homes and businesses

Direct-factory carpentry services provided by Soon Teck WoodWorks allow you to add a signature finishing touch, in terms of style and functionality, to your living or work space with quality customised furniture made and installed to the highest standards.

Custom carpentry costs more than the ready-made option because of the high levels of craftsmanship required. This is why savvy home owners and business bosses are turning to carpentry services direct from the factory.

A reliable carpentry factory like Soon Teck WoodWorks can:

  • Provide the highest level of carpentry expertise.
  • Help you to get the home interior you’ve always dreamed of.

Create a business environment that will impress customers while keeping your workers happy.

Soon Teck WoodWorks – the direct-factory carpentry contractor of choice

Our direct-factory carpentry is a good investment because of the benefits compared with “off-the-shelf” products. Key advantages of engaging our carpentry company include:

  • Our custom carpentry allows you to reflect your personal design style preferences to make the interior of your home or business establishment stand out.
  • The high quality of our materials and workmanship ensures your carpentry works will be long-lasting as well as unique and stylish.

Our home carpentry services can also produce financial benefits should you decide to sell your property. Custom-made wooden furniture brings out the best in a home, which will be appealing to discerning buyers – potentially increasing the value of your residence.

Other reasons people hire our direct carpentry services include:

  • Experience. Our team of 25 select master carpenters have a combined experience of 250 years. Soon Teck WoodWorks current boss, Lwi Thong Yik, has 30 years’ experience in the renovation business, specialising in carpentry services.
  • Fair pricing. Our mission is to make quality bespoke furnishings affordable for as many homes and commercial premises as possible.
  • Focus on quality. We use only the best materials – crafted by the best carpenters – that are designed to be long-lasting.
  • 1-year warranty. Our warranty period is similar for both residential and commercial projects, whereas other carpentry contractors may offer shorter warranty for commercial renovation.
  • Reliability. We pride ourselves of our dependability and total commitment to our customers.

Our direct-factory carpentry services will save you money on your customised furniture.

Our custom carpentry services can save you money

The way Soon Teck WoodWorks operates enables us to offer affordable bespoke carpentry solutions. We do this by:

  • Keeping the whole process in-house. We’ll craft your furniture – to your specific needs and requirements – in our own carpentry workshop at Woodlands Industrial Park E1. Our master carpenters will then install your beautiful, one-of-a-kind wooden furnishings to produce a finish that only the best craftsmen can achieve.
  • Employing the best carpenters in the business. Our master carpenters not only produce amazing work, they also avoid common mistakes made by less experienced technicians – which translates to lower costs to you because there’s little or no wastage of materials.
  • Using quality materials. This means your furnishings will be an exquisite addition to your home or business premises that will stand the test of time.

We also reduce costs by:

  • Maintaining high levels of productivity and efficiency.
  • Keeping our overheads low.

While we keep our carpentry prices as low as possible, we never compromise on quality. That’s why we employ only master carpenters who take the utmost pride in their work.

We combine traditional carpentry skills with advances in technology

While advances in technology have benefited many areas of home remodelling, the skill of the human hand is still crucial to create quality custom carpentry.

Our custom carpentry services are a labour of love and a work of art, and our highly-skilled master craftsmen maintain a high degree of precision and scrupulous attention to detail.

We don’t ignore the benefits of technology, though. Soon Teck WoodWorks keeps up to speed with:

  • Changing trends in interior carpentry design.
  • New technologies in production of materials.
  • Innovations in carpentry techniques.

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Our 5 most popular customised carpentry home furniture services

Soon Teck WoodWorks has made and installed superb hand-crafted furniture in hundreds of homes and businesses across Singapore.

Although we can take on any bespoke carpentry project, most of our residential customers seek our services for feature walls, kitchen cabinets, storage cabinets, vanities, and wardrobes.

Feature Walls

Our custom carpentry feature walls can enhance any home. They provide an aesthetic focal point designed to draw people into the space while adding character to the area. Many customers choose our customised feature walls to define spaces in an open-plan layout.

Kitchen Cabinets

Soon Teck WoodWorks’ custom-built kitchen cabinets and shelves come with a broad choice of attractive colours, and materials that replicate the timeless appeal of woods such as pine and oak. Our kitchen cabinets and shelves are carefully designed to provide optimum functionality alongside a strong aesthetic appeal.

Storage Cabinets

Our range of custom-made and built-in wooden cabinets includes stylish storage cupboards, shoe cabinets and display cabinets. If you’re looking to de-clutter your home, our customised storage cabinets provide the ideal solution to make the most of your space.

Bathroom Vanities

Our custom-made wooden bathroom vanities will add a touch of elegance to any bathroom, large or small. We can install stunning freestanding or wall-mounted vanities – with the option of marine plywood for greater water resistance – to improve your bathroom’s traffic flow while maximising storage space.


Soon Teck WoodWorks customised wardrobes include built-in wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes and wardrobes with sliding doors. We design your wardrobes to help create a space that’s not only more efficient for storage but also more aesthetically pleasing.

Direct carpentry services you’ll be happy with

Although we strive to keep our prices as low as possible, we’ll never sacrifice quality of materials or workmanship.

Our commitment to client satisfaction is further reflected in the way we work with our customers to produce bespoke furniture that meets their exact requirements.

The Soon Teck WoodWorks customer engagement process

  1. Thoroughly understanding your needs. We’ll discuss your specific requirements and show you samples of materials so you can make an informed decision.
  2. Taking precise measurements in your home or business premises.
  3. Giving you an estimate of the cost.
  4. Providing you with a draft blueprint once you’ve confirmed your order.
  5. Beginning construction of your furniture when you approve the draft drawing.
  6. Meticulous quality control throughout the fabrication process.
  7. Installation of your furniture by our master carpenters so any problems can be fixed immediately.
  8. Final inspection – with you – of your installed furniture.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you to create a stylish living or working space that’s highly functional and, above all, unique to you.

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