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Builders Carpentry aims to ensure quality custom furniture is affordable to as many homes and businesses in Singapore as possible.

One of the key areas where we save you money is by being able to offer direct-factory pricing. With Builders Carpentry, you get your customised wooden furniture straight from the source.

If you’re installing new furniture as part of a wider remodelling project, you’ll avoid the extra mark-up a general renovation company would charge you to access customised carpentry services.

Other ways we keep our prices cost-effective include:

  • Avoiding wastage of materials. We employ only master carpenters – a team boasting combined experience of 60 years – who get things right first time, so there’s little or no wastage of materials.
  • Durability of our products. Just as we employ top carpenters, we use only the best materials – quality blockboard and plywood treated at source to prevent infestation by wood-boring insects – so your custom furniture is guaranteed to be a long-lasting feature in your home or business.

Builders Carpentry also keeps its prices competitive by:

  • Minimising our overheads.
  • Ensuring high levels of efficiency and productivity.
  • Taking advantage of new technologies and techniques.

Stylish, functional, and high-quality furniture made for you

As a direct-factory carpentry contractor who designs and constructs your furniture in our own workshop at Eunos Avenue 7, Richfield Industrial Centre, we can maintain strict standards of quality control throughout the whole process.

A further financial benefit of getting your customised furniture from Builders Carpentry is the extended warranty we’ll give you as a matter of course. Many carpentry contractors issue a warranty of just 12 months. We’ll provide you with a free upgrade to a 2-year warranty to give you even more peace of mind in the unlikely event something goes wrong.

Builders Carpentry has hand-crafted beautiful bespoke furniture for hundreds of homes and businesses in Singapore.

Contact us today to discover how our affordable customised furniture services can help to transform your home or business establishment into a highly-functional, stylish space that’s unique to you.

Our direct-factory carpentry services will save you money on your customised furniture.

Our carpentry prices

Builders Carpentry custom furniture are covered by a 2-year warranty.


Platform bed pricing

  • Single bed – S$580
  • Super single bed – S$680
  • Queen-sized bed – S$780
  • King-sized bed – S$880

*Drawers not included


  • Pull-out bed frame below the bed – S$300
  • Drawers – S$50 per unit

Raised platform pricing

  • With a maximum height of 300mm – S$32 per square foot
  • With a height of more than 300mm – S$36 per square foot

Feature Walls

Feature wall pricing

S$24 per square foot


  • Tinted mirrors – S$18 per square foot
  • Cushioned panels – S$25 per square foot

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen bottom cabinet pricing

S$110 per foot run

Kitchen top cabinet pricing

S$110 per foot run

Island kitchen cabinet pricing

S$150 per foot run (with both sides exposed)

Kitchen tall boy unit pricing

S$600 (with a length of 2 feet)

Kitchen cabinet door pricing

S$85 per unit


Wall-mounted shelf pricing

  • Up to 600mm in length – S$50 per foot run
  • More than 600mm in length – S$85 per foot run

Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinet pricing

  • Full-height, up to 2,600mm – S$245 per foot run
  • Half-height, 900mm – 1,400mm – S$160 per foot run

Open-shelf bookcase pricing

  • Full-height, up to 2,600mm – S$310 per foot run
  • Half-height, up to 1,200mm – S$200 per foot run

Shoe cabinet pricing

  • Full-height, up to 2,600mm – S$230 per foot run
  • Half-height, up to 900mm – 1,400mm – S$150 per foot run

Altar pricing

  • Full-height S$300 per foot run
  • Half-height S$200 per foot run


  • Rounded edges for full-height altar S$80 per edge
  • Rounded edges for half-height altar S$50 per edge

Other pricing

  • Half-height drawer unit – S$220 per foot run
  • Bay window cabinet – S$80 per foot run
  • Mirror cabinet, with a length of minimum 3 feet – S$140 per foot run
  • Settee cabinet – S$80 per foot run


Study table pricing

  • With drawers – S$150 per foot run
  • Without drawers – S$130 per foot run


TV Consoles

TV console pricing

  • Floor-standing – S$180 per foot run
  • Suspended/wall-mounted – S$130 per foot run


Vanity cabinet pricing

S$110 per foot run (with a minimum length of 3 feet)

Choice of marine-grade plywood material. Costs at least 50% more than regular plywood.


Full-height wardrobe pricing

  • With laminate casement doors, up to 2,600mm – S$230 per foot run
  • With laminate sliding doors, up to 2,600mm – S$255 per foot run
  • With aluminium/laminate sliding doors, up to 2,600mm – S$280 per foot run
  • With aluminium/glass or mirror sliding doors, up to 2,600mm – S$300 per foot run

Walk-in wardrobe pricing

  • Full-height, with PVC/Polyken internal lining, up to 2,600mm – S$225 per foot run
  • Full-height, with laminate internal lining, up to 2,600mm – S$260 per foot run
  • Full-height, with veneer internal lining, up to 2,600mm – S$340 per foot run

Sliding door, with a length of 3 feet – S$300 per unit

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