Custom Feature Walls

Soon Teck WoodWorks – established in 1980 – provides reliable and honestly-priced quality customised feature wall installation services to households and businesses.

Feature walls to give your home or business space a new lease of life

Leading Singapore feature wall contractor Soon Teck WoodWorks can introduce a beautifully-crafted focal point to a space in your home or business that allows you to express your personal individuality or corporate identity.

Soon Teck WoodWorks are experts in the installation of accent walls to reinvigorate and add character to a room.

Our master craftsmen can install your accent wall to provide a stunning, long-lasting, and timeless feature that will draw people into the space.

The new world of feature walls

The old-school concept of accent walls originated in the 1990s when householders began to add a splash of colour to liven up predominantly neutral design styles. You can probably still find a few homes with a lurid bright-orange wall surrounded by white surfaces!

Nowadays, feature walls embrace advances in interior design technology, with more imaginative options for textures and finishes. This has made today’s accent walls far more tasteful and subtle, while still adding interest to an otherwise plain space, but as a contemporary design statement.

Soon Teck WoodWorks has always taken advantage of tech innovations but never lost sight of the importance of the traditional skills of master craftsmen.

This enables us to provide our customers with feature walls that are:

  • Made with materials designed to stand the test of time.
  • Meticulously fashioned with high levels of precision by top professionals.
  • Designed to make your space unique.

Our direct-factory carpentry services will save you money on your customised furniture.

Benefits of our feature walls for homes

Accent walls still fulfil the function of breaking up the monotony of rooms in neutral colours but these days are often put to more creative use in homes, particularly in defining spaces in open-plan layouts.

Our feature walls can also make an elegant design statement in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms to create a mood-enhancing, relaxing environment.

We’ve found that the best walls to turn into an accent area are often those that already tend to draw attention in a room, such as the wall behind your TV.

Feature walls with TV console

Feature walls incorporating a built-in TV console are a popular choice among many of our customers – particularly our hand-crafted wood options. They can add warmth to what could otherwise look a sterile area.

We can customise feature walls with TV console to include:

  • Attractive shelving.
  • Sleek cabinets to provide concealed storage.
  • Folding panels to hide your TV when not in use.

Benefits of our feature walls for businesses

Visual presentation can be a powerful marketing tool in business. And a feature wall can send out a strong message in spaces such as reception areas, office suites, and conference rooms.

Soon Teck WoodWorks can craft an accent wall for your business that:

  • Mirrors your brand identity.
  • Reflects your unique selling point.
  • Impresses clients.
  • Encourages productivity among staff.

The affordable feature wall solution

If you’re considering a feature wall for your home or business establishment, Soon Teck WoodWorks can install a cost-effective accent wall tailored to your specific requirements and tastes.

We can do this because we’re a feature wall contractor who:

Get in touch with us now to discover more about how our hand-crafted feature walls can give your home or business premises a new lease of life.

This can be yours too

This can be yours too

This can be yours too

Our feature wall prices

Soon Teck WoodWorks feature walls are covered by a 1-year warranty.

Feature Walls

Feature wall – S$35 – S$55 per square foot

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